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Scandhof is mentioned in three Chinese online newspapers

China Day is a business-to-business meeting platform where Swedish and Chinese companies discuss business and cooperation. The China Day seminar concept was first launched at the Swedish political summit called "Almedalsveckan" on the Island of Gotland, Sweden in 2019. Since then the China Day has been held online primarily due to Covid-19.

China Day Online - Green Technology and Innovation was held on the 8th of July in Stockholm, Sweden. It was held together with the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm, The Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Polywell Beijing Law Firm and the panel members Entrepreneurs.

The China Day concept strives to close the gap between two very different cultures when it comes to business and way of life. It is a platform for Chinese companies to get heard in Sweden and for Swedish companies and entrepreneurs to gain access to valuable connections in China.

China is a large market, and sometimes it is hard to know where to start. The China Day Seminars aim at educating the audience to help make better business decisions.

We are happy that the China Day Online seminar held on the 8th of July was well-received both in Sweden but also in China. Three well-established newspapers in China wrote articles about the event. The China Day event was streamed and is available to watch on the website which is the China Day web page of Sweden.

Scandhof Communication is responsible for planning and realizing the event practically with recording and technical setting.

Articles published about Scandhof and China Day:

-China Economic Times

-Beijing Qianlong News Network

-Phoenix News Media

Expert panel members and entrepreneurs:

Ms Tilda Wissmar

CEO & Founder of Gottlery

-Sustainable packaging-

Mr Sarosh Ramachandra

CEO & Founder at Grönovation

-Sustainable farming-

Mr Elias Ayoub

CEO & Founder Avery Milton

-Sustainable fashion-


About Scandhof

Scandhof represents clients' and constituents' interests in regulatory, commercial and public settings. Our experimental approach to Issue Advocacy allows our clients to lead by defining public policy in their marketplace. We serve the needs of businesses, organizations, and other entities in public affairs and corporate ventures.

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