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Inspiring the Future generations: Adam Hofmann's Speech at Tibble Gymnasium

In the heart of Stockholm's bustling municipality Täby, lies Tibble Gymnasium, a high school known for nurturing the minds of tomorrow's leaders in business and finance among other areas. Recently, the school hosted a guest, Adam Hofmann, the visionary founder of Scandhof, who graced the campus to share his insights and experiences with the bright young minds studying economics with a focus on business, economy and finance.

In the picture: an ice-breaker to grab the attention of the students. The question was, why is the famous and renowned hotel and tourist magnate Mr Petter Stordalen, the founder of Strawberry Hotels kissing Adam on the cheek? How did Mr Hofmann arrive at this place and how and why did this situation occur? The simple answer is; a really funny story and that you need to put yourself in different situations by taking action, which also was the general topic of the seminar. (Picture in picture from Strawberry´s yearly cocktail mingle in the famous Almedalen summit)

Mr. Hofmann's journey is a testament to perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit. From humble beginnings, he carved his path in the competitive world of business, eventually founding Scandhof among many startups. His innovative, unorthodox, sometimes somewhat conservative approach and strategic vision have propelled his career in startup, scale-up, business, making him a role model for some aspiring entrepreneurs.

Weaving anecdotes from his own life with valuable lessons learned along the way.

After a brief introduction to his background and career, Mr. Hofmann presented the students with a challenging task in lateral thinking. Encouraging them to think outside the box and push the limits of the mind in a certain way to get into a "modus of innovative thinking", he posed thought-provoking scenarios that tested their creativity and problem-solving skills. The students collaborated and brainstormed innovative solutions to the task, finishing it earlier than anyone ever did before which is a great testament to the schools problem solving fokus.

In the picture: Talking about founding the Scandhof company and the first clients such as embassies and chambers of commerce.

Mr. Hofmann shared his own experiences of navigating the demanding nature of entrepreneurship while prioritizing family and well-being. He stressed the importance of action as one of the key foundations of success in life.

Another student inquired about the qualities necessary for success in the business sector. Mr. Hofmann emphasized the significance of resilience, taking action and not giving up. He encouraged the students to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and to cultivate a thirst for knowledge that would propel them forward in their careers.

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