• Adam Hofmann

Investing in smart partnership

Scandhof is happy to communicate the newly signed strategic partnership deal with the web firm Netsius in Sweden. Netsius CEO Mr Moritz Junker comments on the signing of the strategic partnership like this; "I have followed Scandhof for a while and among many things, I see a great potential in the international platform that it can provide"

The partnership means that Scandhof CEO acquires 10% of the total shares in Netsius company. This means shared interest and the possibility for long term cooperation between the two companies. Scandhof CEO Mr Adam Hofmann comments on the deal; "I´m happy to announce this partnership since Netsius, in a very short amount of time, have gotten a good reputation among its clients. Netsius will provide great value for Scandhof and its clients with the possibility of reinforcing the capacity of assisting within web-related issues as well as SEO, marketing, website creation, content creation among other things".

One of the first partnership clients is the newly formed emerging company Dynept within automated machine tools. Focusing on establishing Dynept to the Nordic and Baltic region for a starter.

Netsius: www.netsius.com

Dynept: www.dynept.com

On the picture from right to left: Scandhof CEO Mr Adam Hofmann, Netsius CEO Mr Moritz Junker.

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