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Scandhof CEO & JEUNE board member Adam Hofmann spoke about Swedish & Estonian Digitalization

On the 14th of August, Scandhof CEO Adam Hofmann was invited by SDM Slovenian Democratic Youth https://sdm.si/ and MSI Mlada Slovenija youth wing of Nova Slovenija - Christian Democrats http://mladaslovenija.si/. Mr Adam Hofmann, besides being the CEO of Scandhof is also a member of European organisation JEUNE Young Entrepreneurs of The European Union https://jeune-europe.org/

Look at the shortened/edited speech here:

As a member of the Digitalization and Innovation Task Force of JEUNE Adam spoke at the first-ever Youth Strategic Forum in Slovenia.

Key Note Speakers and guests were among others: the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Mr Matej Konin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Anže Logar and President of JEUNE Mr Alberto Carvalho Neto.

Adam spoke about the importance of Digitalization to support Innovation. Also, the newly appointed Minister of Digitalization Mr Mark Boris Andrijanič spoke about Sweden and Estonia as two countries that have succeeded in building successful public and private infrastructure within digitalization. Something that Adam also was speaking about was the importance of this to build future tech companies. There is also a need for the European Union and European Commission to take this matter more seriously or else we risk China and the USA taking the lead in this field.

Adam Hofmann speaking about Digitalization and Innovation representing JEUNE

Mr Adam Hofmann JEUNE, Mr Matej Tonin deputy Prime Minister and Ms Katja Berc Bevc Chairwoman MSI.

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