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Mirola is one of Scandhof´s loyal clients

Mirola Rescue is one of Scandhof's loyal clients. Mirola (www.mirola.se) is a Swedish innovative MedTech company that is currently leading the technical development of primary oxygen equipment. With production in Sweden, Mirola now exports machinery globally. Scandhof assists Mirola in communication both in Sweden but also internationally. Some active markets are the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, North America and Asia.

Read more on our website about how we can assist your communication activities on your local market, but also globally. www.scandhof.com

Scandhof's focus area is primarily Public Relations, Public Affairs and Government Relations. With Scandhof's assistance, you can get a head start on the market you are active in or aspire be on. Scandhof has a robust international network that makes the threshold lower for those who want to expand.

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