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Exclusive partnership with Mirola Rescue

We are happy to announce that Scandhof and Mirola are now close partners within Public Relations, Public Affairs and Sales. Scandhof will assist Mirola in communications towards politics, industry and global sales.

Mirola develops cutting-edge solutions for improved breathing assistance.

Mirola product FIDO (Field Oxygen System) provides emergency and rescue staff with an efficient tool for treating patients in need of oxygen. In doing so, FIDO also increases the potential to save lives. FIDO is primarily engineered for field use in situations where swift and efficient distribution of oxygen for treatment is paramount, for example, accidents or incidents involving large groups of individuals. However, FIDO is in no way limited to field use applications alone. Rather, a FIDO unit can benefit basically any situation where swift and efficient distribution of oxygen is needed.

Today, we are facing a situation where emergency care scenarios, which were typically encountered in field environments, have become a real-life prospect in our hospitals and medical facilities. In a bid to relieve the immense pressure experienced by the medical establishments, an oxygen-efficient system such as FIDO could play an important part as a supplement to existing systems for assisted breathing.

Five years in the making, the Swedish-developed FIDO system has been subjected to the mandatory certification procedures performed by Swedish research institute RISE (formerly Statens Provningsanstalt) and FIDO is today a CE certified medical equipment product that meets the stipulated medical standards.

Visit Mirola website for more information: www.mirola.se

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